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You've probably heard the all too common advice that you need marketing and systems to fill your practice. One critical component that is often overlooked is the power of mindset. Without mindset, clarity and what you want to create may be compromised. This is why so many doctors aren’t succeeding even with great systems. Intention provides clarity for why we do what we do. Intention is identifying and tapping into your dreams and desires, focusing on the things that matter the most to you.


Action is movement. Action is taking one step in a direction. Are you clear on what direction to take? All too often we get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we need to implement, and/or the large actions we think we need to take. A key mantra for us is ‘what is my next simplest step?’ It is NOT trying to tackle the entire issue or solution in one day. When you have clarity of what action will give you the best return on time, effort and energy, that will make all the difference in your results.


Whether you are a newer doctor in practice or a seasoned doctor, the concept of attraction applies. The goal is to keep things simple with the systems that you create in your practice for the best results. We offer specific business and executive coaching tools so that you can enhance your leadership skills in your life, business, and community. With the right foundation, you can then apply the concepts of attraction and abundance into your life and practice.

Our Courses & Coaching:

The "Inspired Coaching Blueprint" Online Program

Ready to grow your practice? The Inspired Coaching Blueprint is the premier online program for Doctors looking to succeed. We’ve created a  complete business framework to help you advance your practice and life. We offer a virtual experience, relevant content, and expert coaching. Topics include money mindset, best practices for growing your practice, hiring the right team, patient onboarding, and sales success blueprints and so much more…


Group Coaching

Move from surviving to thriving. Strategize your life goals and career goals alongside fellow professionals who are focused on achieving real results. Your 2Inspire Women coaches will help guide you to achieve your leadership, business and success objectives. You can create a profitable business that changes lives and lets you love your life along the way. This is a space for a collective of professional women who are seeking real personal and business guidance that works.


One-on-One Coaching

Scale and Beyond.  What does it really take to build a multiple six-figure practice? Have you been looking for one-on-one high-level coaching to help you scale your practice or thinking of a sound exit strategy?  Shortcut your way to success with the 2Inspire Women coach Dr. Shaelyn Osborn.  She has successfully built an amazing practice while also honouring her value of family and managing the role of being a mother.  With a customized coaching program, you can time collapse your way to significant results. One-on-one coaching provides direct accountability and a more personalized experience to help you reach your goals.   


10 Year Exit Strategy

Preparing for the next step. Is your business sellable? Is your practice personality driven or systems driven? Do you know the value of your practice?  Whether you're looking to sell your business in 5, 10, or 20 years, there are ways you can prepare now!  Dr. Janice Hughes will help you create a strategy including a professional practice valuation that will position you for creating a solid business, a profitable sale and well planned transition.



Now is the time to achieve your goals & thrive in your practice! Let's do it together!

Dr. Janice Hughes

Dr. Janice Hughes has cultivated one of the most impressive track records as a healthcare professional, Master Business Coach and Business Advisor. She has earned a strong reputation for helping thousands of doctors from all walks of life to breakthrough personally and professionally. As healthcare has evolved, Dr. Janice has had impact with her recent advisory position that has been called the “Google” of healthcare, and a valuation that has grown from $20 million to $150 Billion.

Dr. Shaelyn Osborn

Dr. Shaelyn Osborn continues to grow an impressive practice in Canada and is a regular expert speaker in her community sharing the importance of wellness. Dr. Shaelyn has discovered the secret to growing a successful practice, while finding balance between home and work. Most recently, she has been nominated for the Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards for the past three years.  This is a notable nomination as she is personally representing women in healthcare and elevating the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Kim Carpenter

Dr. Kim Carpenter is a serial entrepreneur with a holistic approach to business. She has established herself as the go-to practitioner for all things health and wellness in her community. Her collaborative nature and leadership skill set has set the tone for Dr. Kim to nurture and mentor other health practitioners. Still wanting to have more impact on changing lives, she became a published Author and Creator of the Live Well Warriors, a series to transform how families Eat, Move, Think, and Live.


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